About Us

PTCF is a FITNESS STUDIO which is committed for an inspiring, supportive & enjoyable fitness environment.We offer Group Fitness Classes and 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions.

About Founder

Tamanna Kanojia

After 9 years of marriage as a house wife and having two kids my life was just ordinary .I was doing nothing great but gaining weight.One fine day I decided to get rid of this chubby fat and to get back in shape.@ the age of 28, first time I stepped into a gym.

With regular gyming I realised the overall advantages of workout in my life and in first year what I lost was 24 kgs and my gain was the ultimate passion for the fitness.That was just the beginning and later on I decided to explore my career in fitness and became certified Reebok (Aerobics ), Zumba, Functional Instructor in 2013.

Initially I started taking sessions in Delhi NCR. In 2017 I moved to Sydney and started taking sessions from my backyard & community centres. Meanwhile my curiosity to learn more about Fitness kept on increasing so I completed my Certification iii (Group Instructor) & Certification iv ( Personal Trainer) in Austraila.

Finally I came up with my fitness studio and running PTCF since March 2020. At PTCF we conduct group fitness classes for Boot Camps, Zumba, Aerobics, Functional training etc. We also provide 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions

After training my clients for 8 years and having many satisfied clients I can assure you that impossible is nothing. If you're determined about your fitness goals @ PTCF we will help you reach there in shortest possible time...That's why the motto of PTCF is Results, not Promises

Tamanna’s transformation