Awesome trainer..always hardworking for the client..very relaxing atmosphere in her studio..💪🏻🤙🏻

Vai Pundhariya

I love ❤️ Tamanna and her workout sessions which are so diverse. She is very welcoming, kind, professional, friendly and pleasant personality. The workouts are fun,the music is not too blaring and the atmosphere is awesome. You will not do the same workout twice and if you go you will see the results no question. It’s overall a challenging, fun and safe experience and I recommend it highly to all my fiends and family who wants to get in shape. Hands down, best choice I have made for training at The Prithvi - The core Fitworx.

Ruchi Narang

Tamanna is committed, passionate and an excellent trainer. She mixes up all her classes so no one is bored of the same routine and pushes each individual person to do their personal best! Very creative and innovative workouts! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Jigisha Kariya

Amazing mentor, highly motivating workouts and great atmosphere to find a better version of yourself!!!!
I joined Tamanna's studio nearly a year ago. Now Always looking forward to go and exercise and have amazing time.
Tamanna is such a great teacher and more than that she is a beautiful soul.
Thanks a lot for all your hard work you put into us 👍😊

Chetna Thakur

I have never ever thought fitness would be so much fun. Tamanna puts her heart and soul into every class making it unique and interesting. Though it's a group class she pays so much attention to each individual and we feel like it's one to one session. She knows how much to push each individual to bring out their best effort. I would highly highly recommend PTCF for anyone who is looking forward for fun filled fitness routine. Thank you Tamanna for striving to bring the best version of myself.

Vaishu Sarvesh

I started tamanna fitness session through a word of mouth .she is been awesome with her plan for the days workout. She sets great challenges and creative activities for workouts. Thanks for all you do.. Highly recommended.

Savitha Murthy